Rainbo Logo Mat

Rightway offers many solutions for your custom mat. Sometimes these choices can be complex because there are many factors to consider (for example: door clearance). We can help you discover the BEST solution for your matting needs. Please complete our information request form, or call us at 1-800-637-0938.

The Rainbo Logo Mat is a great all-purpose mat for indoor usage. It has a heat set nylon face yarn on a heavy-duty 80-mil rubber backing. The non-skid backing works well on carpet or hard surfaces. Edges will not curl. Rubber backing adds years of life to the mats. Meets the guidelines of the ADA. Rainbo Logomats are made in the USA at a facility that has a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Ideal for office buildings, home builders, model homes, apartments, schools, etc. Place at front entrances, side entrances, and employee entrances. Position your name or logo in a prominent place.


The walk off mat uses a total dye process to create the logo. The dyes are injected deeply into the mat pile and then steam set to produce long lasting quality. The logo will never wear off.

Make a low cost investment in a Rightway Logo Mat and protect your floors and carpets.

rainbo2.jpgThe computer-controlled technology of dye printing makes it possible to print most designs. Great for detailed logos. Capture intricate designs with gradiation, shading and highlighting in dozens of vibrant colors. Print is precise.

Choose an unlimited colors per mat from a palette of 28 standard colors, as well as an extended color palette of over 100 colors. The design and colors make lasting statements in high-traffic areas like entrances, lobbies, reception areas, and service counters.

In addition to standard sizes for your entrance mats, you can choose your size up to 10' wide by 25' long.  Standard sizes include 3' X 4' and 3' X 5' for single doors and 4' X 6' and 4' X 8' for double doors. This makes the Rainbo Mat a great choice for your logo mat.  You have almost unlimited options.

The entrance mat is manufactured with a high heat process that will typically shrink the overall size of the mat from 3-5%. For example a 3' x 4' floor mat will usually finish out at 33" x 44" rather than exact 36" x 48".

Vacuuming, extraction cleaning or hosing and hanging dry are recommended for this entrance mat. With proper maintenance these walk off mats will proudly show your logo for years.

It is cheaper to own the mats rather than rent your logomat.

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Colors Available on Rainbo Logo Mats:
Colors shown on display literature or artwork may not accurately reflect the actual colors. We can provide you with a sample of the most popular color choices.


Fonts Available on Rainbo Logo Mats:
If you ask us to provide printing on your mat, you can select a font from those below.


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