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Rightway offers many solutions for your custom mat. Sometimes these choices can be complex because there are many factors to consider (for example: door clearance). We can help you discover the BEST solution for your matting needs. Please complete our information request form, or call us at 1-800-637-0938.

Hercules Custom Elevator Mats


Elevator Mats can be made of many colors, and can even be customized with your logo for a Custom Elevator Logo Mat. We laser cut our elevator matts to the exact dimensions you supply. An ADA compliant beveled rubber edge is added to the door opening. Mats are available in solid color or with a logo.

Simply lay it into place and the mat fits wall to wall! No glue down is required, this way the mat can be removed for elevator maintenance or cleaning.

Hercules mats offer longer life and better appearance.



The mats from Rightway are constructed of 52-oz solution dyed polypropylene course fibers that are highly resistant to surface abrasion, crushing and soiling. The backing is a composite non skid rubber laying flat without adhesive allowing the Hercules Elevator Mats a longer life, better appearance, water retention and easy maintenance.


With the availability of 48 colors, the Hercules Logo Elevator Mat can be customized with your building name, company or logo... whatever you choose. The customization is applied using the inlay process where your logo is cut from companion fabric and inlaid into the mat background. The logo can not wear off! This elevator mat is made in the U.S.A.

Custom Logo Elevator Mats add a touch of class to your building and impress your visitors.







Take a look at the improvements in your elevator flooring with our before and after shots:

elevator-before.jpg  elevator-after.jpg


Request our "Feel and Touch" (SM) information

Upon request Rightway Inc. offers a free sample as part of its "Feel and Touch" service. This way you can determine if the Hercules Elevator Mat will work for your next elevator renovation project.

Contact Rightway for more information on Hercules logo mats.

Pricing is determined by size, complexity of logo, number of colors and quantity.


Colors shown on display literature or artwork may not accurately reflect the actual colors.
Refer to fabric samples for accurate color matching.



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